Armin, the expert climber, on a mountain wall Professional safety measures are important for climbing

Climbing in the Dolomites with Armin

Feel the adrenaline in the Dolomites with our expert climbing guide

Climbing in the Dolomites is Armin's passion. Feeling at one with the rock and the wall, being in direct contact with the sky - this is one of the most profound feelings of freedom you can have. Completely cleaning your head and filling your heart with unique emotions... The great effort combined with the satisfaction once you reach the top, being a dominating part of the world, thanks to a pact of loyalty and trust with nature itself - it is impossible to describe this feeling, you have to experience it.

As expert Dolomites climbing guide, Armin will be pleased to support you with his experience and to give you advice for your hikes. Easy and demanding hikes, fixed-aid climbs - the most beautiful ones of the area.

The only risk: you might be so fascinated that the Dolomites will always remain in your heart.

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