View of Dolomites in the sun with some clouds Detail of piano at Hotel Cavallino

Alta Badia’s weather

Forecasts for all seasons

Alta Badia’s weather is a typical alpine micro-climate. Alta Badia has mild summers with day temperatures of 18/20°C (64/68°F) and night temperatures of approx. 10°C (50°F). September is still mild and is followed by a rather cool October with the first frosts. The first snow in November announces the start of winter. The winters in Alta Badia are long, usually with numerous snowfalls. From December to February we register an average temperature of less than 0°C (32°F) with minimum temperatures of -20°C (-4°F) at night time. The differences between day and night time temperatures are noticeable. The dry cold is compensated by splendid sunny days: from December to March we have almost 100 days of sun. The hottest month in summer is July, while the temperatures drop during the second half of August, and the climate becomes fresher in September, when the rather fresh and clear days are ideal for hiking.

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